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WELCOME to CELCORR/CreCon Knowledge and Database
Complied and co-ordinated by Centre for Electronic Corrosion (CELCORR) for the CreCon consortium
at the Technical University of Denmark

This resource site consists of various levels of information regarding electronic corrosion which will be useful for industries. This include educational resources on Electronic corrosion, results from CELCORR, recommendations, thump rules for reliability including possible corrosion failure prevention and control strategies, teaching videos, publications and presentations, and a vast number of publications collected from literature on various subjects. This resource site will be updated as we receive new information which will be highlighted for attention. The aim of this resource site is to provide a continuing education and information on electronic reliability issues to CreCon members.
There is a part where members can add any information resource if they feel that it is useful to share with everybody. Website management team will collect this resources periodically and arrange in an easy manner for access to everybody.

NOTE: the access to most of information requires login. Please contact us for further information on consortium membership.

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